This guy shouldn't feel stupid for asking Eddie Van Halen to take his pic


He was at a TOOL concert last week and asked a guy sitting near him, "hey, would you take my picture?" The stranger obliged while others around him watched in amazement as the Tool fan stood there while Eddie Van Halen took his picture with the stage behind him.

While social media blasts this guy for not knowing who he had just asked to take his picture, it's pretty obvious he was so taken in by his hero, Maynard James Keenan , he was not aware of the fact that one of the greatest guitar players of all time was sitting near him and taking his picture. The ultimate "duh" moment would have been Sammy Hagar photo bombing the whole thing.

First question that hit me- why is EVH sitting stage right upper bowl? Maybe security didn't know who he was either, Shouldn't he be by the sound board or back stage? There's been a lot of chatter lately about Eddie Van Halen's health, this TOOL concert photo seemed to lightened things up for a while.

It's moments like this, that show us all, rock stars are people too and sometimes just want to enjoy the concert like everyone else- mixing it up with the fans.



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