Granny fights off citizen dick with a baseball bat

Great-Grandma Uses a Baseball Bat to Fend Off a 300-Pound Car Thief:There are just some elderly people you do not want to pick a fight with. Like 65-year-oldClarese Gaineywho lives in Gainesville, Florida. She's a great-grandma and back in high school, she played softball. That last detail is important, because in the middle of the night over the weekend, she heard a noise outside of her apartment.What she saw was a 300-pound guy who was just wearing underwear trying to break into her car so she opened her door and yelled at him. The guy thought it would be a smart idea if he charged at her. He was wrong. Fortunately, she had a baseball bat and when he got close, she smashed him in the head. She says, quote, "I took that bat and hit him upside the head like 'Pi-yow!' and he said, 'Oww!' He took off running into a trailer park nearby. The cops were able to track him down, and it turns out he's a 37-year-old guy named Antonio Mosley. He had cocaine on him when they found him, so he was arrested for burglary and drug possession.



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