Hotel Worker Punished For Refusing An Exorcism

A Kentucky man is suing his former employee because his manager allegedly wanted him to undergo an exorcism. Jason Fieldsworked as a desk clerk at a Hampton Inn hotel and has now filed a religious discrimination suit against his former manager,Sharon Lindon,whom he claims wanted him to complete a “spiritual cleansing” to resolve his marital issues.Image result for exorcism

This process allegedly required that Fields fill out a survey for his manager detailing how often he masturbates, whether or not he has lustful thoughts and, if so, whether or not those thoughts involved animals. According to Fields, his manager suspected his marital woes were tied to demonic possession.Image result for exorcism

The suit also claims that Lindon provided a questionnaire to Fields to fill out about his romantic and sexual history, complete with a question on whether or not Lindon had made a pact with Satan. He eventually quit after that and is seeking a jury trial and named Lindon as well as the Hampton Inn.

Source: WLEX18

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