“Robin Hood” Figure Leaves Money In Spanish Village

In the past week in a tiny village in Spain, someone has been leaving envelopes of cash in people’s mailboxes or under their doors.Nuria Simon,the mayor of Villarramiel, says about 15 people have received the envelopes, which have contained up to 100 euros, which is about $113.

Residents are mystified by the anonymous donor and are trying to figure out why a group of people, who seem to share no connection, have been the lucky recipients of the gifts in a village of just over 800. Some Spanish news reports are calling the mystery giver the “Robin Hood of Villarramiel.”

Some folks have gotten the bills in a brown envelope, others got messages including their names and addresses, and some even got personalized notes, like to “The princess of the household,” according to Simon. She says everyone is “bewildered” since they don’t know where the money comes from, but that’s the way the person behind this act of kindness seems to want it.

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