Remember these?

I remember when I thought my dad was so cool talking on a phone that wasn't connected to a long chord. He was "the man" calling people in his farm truck. Yeah, it looked like he was talking into a brick with a antenna. Things seemed so simple WITHOUT all these "smart" things in our lives. If you need to talk to your mom, you asked a friend if you could use their phone. My mom didn't keep tabs on us by cell phone, she listened to the police scanner she had in the family room. When she heard our names (and there was a few times), she knew where we were and what we were up to. And I knew I was going to have to face the music the minute I walked in the door that night. As a parent of two girls (18 and 12) I look back and wonder how much my mom knew about that she never mentioned to me or my siblings. I'm sure there was plenty. Thanks for checking out my very small, trip down memory lane.

Here's how "vintage" is used these days- as props



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