Stupid Criminals

Couple Arrested With Stolen Items In Car That Was Parked At Sheriffs Office:A couple learned the hard way that you probably shouldn't be holding stolen items in your car while you're parked in a handicapped parking spot while visiting the local police station. Anthony DewayneTwyman, 35 andKimberly Twyman, 31, parked their vehicle illegally in a handicap spot. When deputies approached Anthony Twyman, he got out of the car and ran. He didn't get very far and when they searched the car they found a number of stolen items in it.Kimberly Twyman came out just in time to see Anthony being arrested and jumped into an occupied vehicle and demanded a ride. Both parties received several charges along with having outstanding warrants and were booked in the Butler County Jail. 

  • Woman Throws Phone At Mother For Not Driving Her To Yoga Class:Some times kids just don't understand the meaning of the word "No," even if they're 30 years old. An unemployed 30-year-old woman in Maryland who still lives with her parents is facing second-degree assault charges after she threw a phone at her mom's headfor refusing to drive her to a yoga class.Holly Anne Albertwas just arrested last month although the incident happened a year-and-a-half ago. According to police, Holly flipped out when her mom refused to drive her to yoga and started screaming insults at her. As if that wasn't bad enough, she then picked up a phone and chucked it at the back of her mom's head, which opened up a large gash. Her mom used the phone to call 911. Holly fled the scene, and it's not clear why she wasn't arrested until now. But she's due back in court later this month. Her parents are hoping they go easy on her. They wrote the court a letter that said she still lives with them and they don't fear for their safety but wanted to assure the court that she hasn't had any outbursts since. 



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