Facebook employees suffer from "PTSD" like symptoms

A faebook moderator is probably the WORST job to have at the social media behemoth. The Phoenix,

Arizona offices employ one thousand page moderators, who's jobs are to sit all day and baby sit people using the platform. So think about all the CRAP you see every day or every time you log into your page and multiply the level of stupidity and filth by 100 and that's what these people have to see every day all day. It's a form of policing and I'm sure the facebook moderators become numb to the horror they see pop up every day. Well, now they are talking about it and it's not as easy as some think. Image result for facebook weed

The Facebook moderators say that they have to get high to numb the level of stress they suffer from doing the job.

Who knew working for Facebook could be so stressful but Facebook moderators are having a hard time dealing with the exposure to racist posts, sexually-explicit content, and videos of people getting murdered. To cope with these stresses, employees are having sex with their co-workers and smoking marijuana on their breaks to “numb the pain,” according to a lengthy report.

To make matters worse, these employees make a fraction of what typical Facebook employees make, about $29,000 compared to $240,000. The good news is that a spokesperson said the company has “investigated the specific workplace issues” raised by this report and “previously taken action where necessary. The spokesperson added the company has “steps in place to continue to address” the issues raised.



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