Here's what's costing you more at the grocery store

Surprisingly, there are 20 items that are causing most of the price jump and they’re everyday things. Coming in last is rice, pasta, and cornmeal. Oils and other fats make the list too along with bread, canned fruits, and pet food.

Here are the top 10:

  1. Tobacco and smoking products. The 10 year change is 88-percent. This includes vaping products too,
  2. Margarine. Prices have doubled!
  3. Fish and seafood. The change is 42.5%
  4. Beef and veal. Prices jumped 42.4%
  5. Prescription drugs. 39.1%
  6. Oranges and tangerines. 37.6%
  7. Salt, seasonings, and spices. 31.5% Prices are jumping due to higher demand.
  8. Hotdogs. 27.6% We love them so the price goes up.
  9. Packaged baked goods. 27.6%
  10. Fresh rolls, biscuits, and muffins. 27.2%

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