Teen explains why she married a 62 year old man

Teenager Defends Her Marriage To Sixty Two Year Old: Imagine your nineteen-year-old daughter coming home and telling you she has found the love of her life. Now imagine that love is sixty years old. Samantha Simpsonsays she is simply "exhausted" by all the criticism and skeptic looks she and her 62-year-old husband,JR, get on a daily basis.She recently opened up to the media about her wedding bliss but also says that they are still battered by “daily abuse” from strangers, who often mistake the couple for a granddaughter and grandfather. Samantha first met JR through mutual friends at age 18, and she was immediately blown away by his maturity and kindness. She had tried dating guys her age but just didn't click with any of them. She hopes that publically speaking out about her relationship will give nosey strangers the clarity they’re evidently searching for as to why the couple is together and so in love. Good luck with that. 



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