Man Finds Lost Wedding Ring After 45 Years

Way back in the ‘70s, Ray Schmuecker lost his wedding ring. The 93-year-old Iowa man says it was in the fall of 1973 or the winter of 1974 when the diamond-inlaid jewelry disappeared and he never thought he’d find it again. His late wife even bought him a replacement that looked just like the original because they thought it was gone forever.

Schmuecker owned a 1972 Oldsmobile car and after it sat around for decades, he finally decided to sell it for scrap metal. Will Frye bought it and called the former owner to tell him about an interesting item he found while working on the motor. Frye says he was blowing it off with the air hose when he heard nuts and bolts hitting the ground in, but after he took a closer look at the big grease ball on the floor, he realized there was a ring in there.

After 45 years missing, the widower has been reunited with his wedding ring and he says he’s happy to have it back. And his daughter, Ann Cabana, feels the find is extra special. “I just found out that I had breast cancer, and I lost my mom to breast cancer,” she says, “And my sister told me that this is a sign that everything was gonna be okay.”

Source: People

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