Here's another reason NOT to eat your boogers

Looks like you're, not the only one who sits in their car and picks their nose. In fact, a recent study tells us that 91% of adults admitted to picking their nose regularly. However, eating those little boogers may not be the best thing for you...and that's according to doctors.

Seems that your boogers carry immune proteins that fight off germs. Those immune proteins are especially useful. Because boogers are chock full of harmful viruses (like the flu)...boogers serve as your body's front-line defense against invading Image result for picking your nose

germs. When you breathe in, you're not just inhaling air. You're also taking in bacteria, viruses, and dirt. Sneezing or blowing your nose usually works to get rid of those germs but if you decide to eat it instead, you're putting yourself at risk of infection. Because as your body digests the booger, it can release those harmful pathogens into your system. Bottom line, don't eat your boogers no matter how good they look or taste.


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