How to Submit Your Rock for Memphis Made Airplay

Thanks for your interest in submitting your tunes to Memphis Made on Rock 102.7. 

The show airs EVERY Sunday from 8-10p with your host Catrina. The show is called Memphis Made meaning your music MUST be recorded in Memphis and/or the immediate Mid-South surrounding area. If you are uncertain if your music qualifies for show submission please feel free to email for clarification. Your tunes MUST BE RADIO FRIENDLY

If you would like your music to be considered for Memphis Made please do the following:

1) Submit the tunes you would like to have considered for airplay as a mp3/wav file attachment to your email. Please note that ISRCs must be embedded in all material submitted to show. For more info on ISRCs, please visit: - Please include all pertinent recording information about music (studio, musicians, etc.) and release info. YOU MUST ALSO SEND EACH ACTUAL ISRC FOR YOUR SONGS. These codes are embedded in your music and used for identification of recorded music as a digital fingerprint to automatically identify recordings for royalty payments. It is recommended that the ISRCs are embedded when your songs are being mastered. 

2) After you have obtained the ISRC codes for your songs, they must be registered with SoundExchange and be found in its searchable database here: in order to be played on Memphis Made. It takes about 30 days from the time you register your tunes with SoundExchange for them to be found in the database. Please DO NOT submit tunes for airplay until they are found in the SE database. 

2) Send current band biography 

3) Send website and/or social media links, EPK link 

4) Physical copies of your EP/Full-length can be mailed to:  

Catrina Guttery

WEGR Rock 102.7 

2650 Thousand Oaks Blvd.

Suite 4100

Memphis, TN 38118 

Looking forward to supporting your Memphis Made Music and band! 

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