Happy 41st Birthday Walrus!


When one sets out to try and assemble photos to cover the 40 year history of a legendary radio station it can be quite a daunting experience. Last year, before Rock 103's 40th Anniversary party, known as Rockhaven, I set out to do just that. With the help of legendary Walrus Staff/DJs Rob Grayson and Brian Jay we quickly assembled a good bit of the history of the station that we all grew up listening to and loving. From Redbeard to the late, great Bad Dog McCormack and many other incredible jocks and lots of rock stars including Ozzy and our very own late, super voice Jimi Jamison (Cobra, Target, Survivor), these photos truly depict how much of a Memphis Made tradition our station truly has been through the years. Yes, we re-branded the station to Rock 102.7 last year around the 40th but the station has always been 102.7 on the dial, will forever be the Walrus and always hold a very special place to those of us who made the station a part of our daily lives. I had no idea that my early years growing up in Byhalia, MS listening to Redbeard and shows like Metal Shop "The Only Show with Teeth" that it would eventually lead to my being here at the Walrus and clearly define my understanding of how important this station is but I'm certainly proud that it did. Check out the video collage and relive the good old days when Rock 103 played the soundtrack to your life. LONG LIVE THE WALRUS! 

In the vid collage, you'll hear the first song played on air  September 27, 1977 which was Foghat’s “Driving Wheel”. 


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