Snakes on a Plane- for real!

Employees at an airport in Moscow got quite a shock after discovering that a passenger’s carry-on bag contained 20 snakes. All separately bagged...within the bag

The man, who was flying from Düsseldorf, Germany to Moscow, Russia, says that he bought the snakes at a market back in Germany. Officials explain that while carrying snakes in your hand luggage isn’t actually illegal, you do need proper documentation, as well as some additional paperwork that’s required when entering Russia with the snakes.

The man reportedly didn’t have those documents, so the critters were placed in quarantine. As for officials in Germany, they say that there wasn’t any trouble at the security check there, so the man was able to depart from Düsseldorf with the snakes in his bag without any incident. The BEST news? None of the snakes were venomous.

Source: The Local


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