Memphis Made Interview w/ Play Rough

Great times catching up with three of the dudes in Play Rough last Sunday. Rawleigh Hartzell, Phil Hartzell and Jimmy Fulp (Broken Snare Studios) dropped by to reminisce about the good old days and talk about the upcoming FNA Release and Release party for the new album. I remember seeing the band back in the day at both Rascal's and the Stage Stop always bringin' the good times. Although not originally from Memphis, the band relocated here in the early '90s because "Memphis audiences were more receptive to original music". The great thing about social media these days is that it inspires many bands, that might not have been thinking about it, to get back together and rally the fans for one more show. Whether it's the nostalgia of re-living the good old days or just to put on a good rock show, more bands are doing so which is a great thing. With some tunes recorded right over at drummer Jimmy Fulp's studio, Play Rough is set to give the fans what they have been asking for - another show and more tunes! Go show them your love - Play Rough release party on Saturday, September 15th at the Stage Stop. For all things PR please visit them on facebook @playroughmusic 



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