Devour the Day Honors fans w/ Unique Documentary

Memphis Musician (This Tragic Day), Photographer & Videographer is involved with a very unique project called Soundtrack To Your Story hosted by Memphis Made band Devour The Day. In it, the band hits the road for a one-of-a-kind tour to honor its fans with a six part docu-series. I love this project as it embodies what music is all about - collaboration and community. I had Jase give me a brief synopsis on the project and am truly looking forward to seeing this doc inspire other bands to do similar projects. Check out the trailer below and support this project by sharing the info. - Catrina, Memphis Made Host

Soundtrack To Your Story - Jase Harshman 

July 14th, 2018, the band embarked on a 6,000 mile cross-country trip through 10 different cities to connect with their community at free "meet-ups" designed to foster meaningful, genuine dialogue about how music has impacted their lives. There was a "community typewriter" booth and new music listening stations designed to bring the community together and create intimacy. At the conclusion of each meet-up, the band performed what they called a "camp fire" acoustic set of their favorite songs. This was a truly unique experience and every moment was documented. A daily journal was kept as well and you can read the entries at our website.

To craft the 6-part documentary series, they've teamed up with Vers Creative, a global branding agency that specializes in authentic storytelling, as well as the award-winning team at Neighborhood Film Company, who have created Oscar-qualifying short films and worked with global brands like Nike, Coke, Reebok, and Universal.

In the spirit of community, this campaign also bolstered by a host of industry-leading sponsors, all committed to this groundbreaking, grassroots campaign.

Sponsors include :

Dean Guitars, DDrum, Sabian Cymbals, Innova Disc Golf, 94.1 WJJO, Monk Made Goods, Rebel Kettle Brewing and clothing line, Cult of Individuality.

Blake Allison

Joey Walser

Photography / videography by Jase Harshman, Evan Schneider



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