Woman Gets Revenge On Ex:says Friend’s Baby Is His


After being dumped by her ex-boyfriend John, Briton Tracey Hardy decided to get her revenge. But she didn’t play a simple prank on him, she took went with faking a pregnancy and birth of their child.

It all started because Hardy thought she actually might be pregnant. That’s when he had dumped her… via text message. When she learned she wasn’t actually pregnant, she decided not to tell him...and instead, she introduced her friend’s 10-week-old baby to John as his newborn son, “Tyler.”

The lie went on for nearly five years, until it was uncovered when John reported his “son” missing to the police after he didn’t see him for two years. She'd also soaked him for nearly 20-grand in child support! Hardy has since been sentenced to two years prison time on fraud charges. "It started off as a little lie and it got bigger and bigger and bigger," she says. "And it got to the point where I thought 'I've got to stop this its not fair'."


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