What's in Queen Elizabeth's purse

She carries a $2,346 purse (one of 200).  As I watched the video of Queen Elizabeth and President Trump at the Inspection of the Guard, I wondered: what's in the Queen's purse?   

A cell phone?  Make up brush? Altoids? Spare white glove? Lollipop? Car keys or keys to the castle? The combination to her gym locker? (now I'm just getting ridiculous) 

What does the Queen need a purse for, other than vanity?  She has someone to do almost everything for her (except bathroom trips and she would if she could), so what the hell does the 92 year old Queen need a purse for?  To beat a hobo over the head? 

Apparently, if she places it on the table it indicates she would like to wrap things up in the next five minutes, and when she puts it on the floor, it signals to her lady-in-waiting that she would like her to come rescue her. But what the hell is in that purse?  

Queen purse
queen purse


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