A 4000 mile flight to say, "you're it"

Brilliantly executed TAG game move.  This woman flew 4000 miles to TAG her friend who was attending a family event in Scotland.  This game of Tag has been going on since 2014 in China.  

Georgina Wilkinson just upped the bar!  

The prey, Drew McEwan was  celebrating his niece’s christening with family photos at Loch Lomond  when the photographer asked him to ask a gardener working behind them to  stop briefly because he was in the pictures. When Drew walked up to the  person, it was Georgina in a masterful disguise. Before he knew what  happened she tagged him and ran off laughing.

The brilliantly played round got a little help from the photographer  and Drew’s siblings. Drew is now it, so he has to track one of the group  down. All he could say was “Obviously I’m not pleased with the bar  Georgina’s raised for me but I must admit it was brilliantly executed.”

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