Adorable Video of Bear Copying 5-Year-Old at Nashville Zoo Goes Viral


We're bearly able to keep it together after seeing this video of a 5-year-old playing a game of copycat and jumping for joy with a bear at the Nashville zoo. 

The 5-year-old Ian can be seen jumping in front of the glass, his arms raised high, with the bear doing the same on the other side of the exhibit glass. 

Ian's father, Patrick Parker, says his son, along with other children, was jumping up and down when the bear went into the water. When the bear noticed what little Ian was doing, he came over to the glass and started jumping too. 

Ian and the bear bounced up and down for about ten minutes according to Parker. The video was shot toward the end of the jump session when the bear and the boy were both getting a bit tired. 

Patrick told Fox 26 that they have a membership at the Nashville Zoo and always visit the bear exhibit whenever they go. 


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