Miami is safe again from the half bearded man

Miami man with a rap sheet as long as a roll of two ply Charmin is behind bars again.  He's known in Miami as the "half bearded man". 

By any measure, Kevin Gibson is a public nuisance, a convicted felon with dozens of arrests and multiple state prison terms.

But look at that half-beard!

Gibson, who has previously graced these pages, was arrested Thursday evening in Miami Beach on felony narcotics charges.

The 59-year-old drug dealer’s rap sheet includes convictions for most  crimes codified in Florida’s criminal statutes (burglary; grand theft;  robbery; kidnapping; cocaine sales; disorderly intoxication; battery;  trespassing; strong arm robbery; theft; loitering; marijuana sales,  etc.).

Upon Gibson’s inevitable return to the state system, his half-beard  will surrender to institutional rules (as seen in the below 2016 Florida  Department of Corrections photo).


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