Todd Rundgren: "Trump fans, Don't come to my show"

Todd Rundgren doesn’t think fans of President Trump  should come to his shows. The singer has been very vocal about his  distaste for our current president, and his current album, “White  Knight,” features an anti-Trump song, “Man in the Tin Foil Hat,”  featuring Donald Fagen on vocals.

“If I had the power, I’d say: If you’re a Trump supporter, don’t come  to my show, because you won’t have a good time,” he tells “Variety.”  “And also, I don’t understand your frickin’ values. Because I’m not  singing about that. If you don’t understand that basic thing, you’re  just fooling yourself.”

He adds, “I guarantee that in this show, if you’re a Trump supporter,  you will likely be offended. Let the buyer beware! I mean, if you can’t  take a joke, or you can’t admit that you’ve made a mistake, you don’t  belong with the rest of us.”

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