Why was "The Big Unit" @ Beale Street Music Fest

Beale Street Music Festival had a solid lineup this year and great weather to boot.  Jake was just standing there, taking in all the fruits of labor that Midnight Oil had to offer Sunday evening when he recognized  a fella stage left -

Was that the same MLB pitcher who threw 4,875 strikeouts?  The only guy in MLB history to kill a bird with one pitch?

Jake asked around if others recognized this guy and others thought it looked like MLB Hall of Famer Randy Johnson, but WHY would he be standing on stage at a Midnight Oil performance in Memphis, TN?  A fan perhaps? A Roadie perhaps?  

Turns out Randy Johnson, post MLB career, is an accomplished rock n roll photog.  Soundgarden played BSMF later in the night and he was in town to shoot the show. 


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