Prison Hacks - Dental floss hacksaw, instant screwdriver, roach trap

* Dental Floss Hacksaw – Floss is made of nylon, and has enough durability to make a ladder out of enough of it. That’s why prison uses rubber dental loops now, instead. If you add toothpaste as for abrasion, you’ve got a make-shift hacksaw

* Instant Screwdriver – Remove everything from a plastic pen, and take a lighter to the end for a minute, or so. Then press the melted end into the screw. When it cools and hardens…bam...a screwdriver.

* Roach Trap – Bugs don’t like water. So, the prisoners take wasted plastic jar lids, and place them under the table legs. Then, they fill the lids with water. No bugs climb the table because they can’t swim.

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