Do you have one of the best or worst jobs?

Earning fifteen bucks an hour to "drop the fries" may be a good start for some- how about reaching for the sky.

What is your criteria for a "good job"?  Good benefits, competitive pay, free coffee, company car, corner office and for good measure throw in corporate vacation rentals at no charge. 

Glassdoor has published the "best jobs to have" in 2017:

There are currently 4,184 job openings for data scientists at a median base salary of $110,000

  1. Data Scientist (overall Job Score 4.8)
  2. DevOps Engineer (4.7)
  3. Data Engineer (4.7)
  4. Tax Manager (4.7)
  5. Analytics Manager (4.6)
  6. HR Manager (4.6)
  7. Database Administrator (4.5)
  8. Strategy Manager (4.4)
  9. UX Designer (4.4)
  10. Solutions Architect (4.4)


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